How to Buy Kids’ Shoes?

The best time to buy kids’ shoes is the very period when your baby starts walking. Usually, it happens at the age of 1 year. Even if your kid prefers walking barefoot, you still have to put shoes on your kid for at least few hours. Besides, orthopaedists don’t recommend allowing children walk barefoot for a long time on the smooth floor surface – it doesn’t amortize, and baby’s foot gets overloaded. Walking on the grass, ground, sand, pebbles is good.

Size. The best way to choose kids’ shoes is to take your child with you. Thus, you will have a chance to put on shoes and decide whether they fit your son or daughter.

Never buy shoes end-to-end! There always has to be “air pillow” between kid’s toes and shoetoe – it won’t let cold inside in winter, and in summer it will give space for puffy foot.

If there is no opportunity to go shopping with your child, make a carton footprint of his / her foot at home. Such print will help you to choose shoes of a right size.

Quality. The healthiest and the most durable material is natural leather. It’s flexible and provides air microcirculation and moisture evaporation. But along with than smooth leather often gets scratched and soiled. Nubuck is a good alternative to leather – its defects are less visible and durability of such shoes is higher.

Pay attention to the material lining is made of – it should be natural. Also, high quality kids’ shoes always have a pad along the upper edging to protect shoe from getting worn sports and making walking more comfortable.

Sole must be damage-resistant, be flexible and hard enough to successful absorb pushes. And the most important thing: sole is the very thing that defines whether a shoe will allow feet work properly, that’s why don’t choose shoes with inflexible sole. Otherwise, your kid will have problems with shock-proofing foot function. That’s why bend the shoe in half and thus you will see if the sole is flexible.

Where to buy? Most modern parents prefer online Kids’ Stores. But such shops are not worth dealing when it comes to children’s shoes. The thing is that buying clothes, toys and other accessories in Internet shops is quite appropriate, but in case with kids’ shoes. If you look through some Kids’ Stores () reviews, you will see that most parents who bought shoes in online shops, were not satisfied with their purchases. So, don’t risk your kids’ health, and choose the shoes you can touch and make sure they are of high quality.

Well, these are the main tips parents should use when buying children’s shoes. Bu the way, remember that high quality kids’ shoes are never cheap, so be ready to pay high price for comfort of your kid.

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