Nike Dunk Low: The Revised Name In Fashion And Style Trends

Nike dunks low has been one of the most talked about brand among all the various designs that Nike has launched in the market so far. The low feel and the tough look of Nike low foot wear is what keeps the spirit of gaming alive in the sports men. This shoe form was brought into existence in early nineties. The many versions of the Nike low brand has been liked by overall public and admired for its sleek outline and comfortable heel positioning. This was entirely a new concept in the making of Nike dunk brand of foot wear.

With the advancements in the fashion trends, many new features were added to this innovative version of sporty shoes. Nike dunks were re introduced with multi purpose designs and involved more colors. The new colorful shades were extra vagrants and highly demanding, adding to already accepted high tops and low profile designs. Nike dunk low has the extra cushioned toe backs for more comfort and extra reliability. The shoes were made more durable to squeeze out tension between the feet and board. The most important change within the configuration of this show form was the replacement of old rubber soles to zoom air soles so as to provide more grip on and added traction to the floor.

Another important observation that has a vital role in the launch of Nike low variety of shoe brand is the similarities between the most loved sport forms of this generation. Basketball and skate boarding are two well known sports that are the most loved among American fans. Both these sports require quick feet and tie movement and high strain. This is what primarily gave birth to the concept of extra cushioning and zoom air soles in this brand of Nike dunk low shoes. Apart from this, both these games are played upon hard surfaces and need perfect balance for superb performances. This is when the need for low soling and high tops came into picture.

The finishing and elegance of the shoe is visible from top to bottom. The Nike low shoe brand has rather become the style statement for the new generation. The puffy tongues and doubly stitched sole bring added attraction for the dunk low branding. Nike dunk low is already available in various new designs at all leading shoe stores and Nike outlets. The best thing about this shoe pair is that they are highly cost effective and available at reasonable prices. The lowest range of Nike lows start from as low as $65 and $99.

Sneakers as the Public’s Footwear of Choice

Sneakers have gone a long way from being just a pair of comfortable footwear. You probably even have plenty of pairs to stock an entire closet. You can’t be faulted for the extravagance, though, especially nowadays when the shoe is engineered to maximize comfort and functionality for every type of physical activity imaginable. There was a time when leather shoes were considered the end-all of style and comfort, until familiar brands released custom footwear that traded sleek designs in favor of efficiency. Now you’ll see celebrities wearing basketball shoes and sneakers everywhere, even to formal galas and red carpet events.

The Rubber Sole of Sneaker Technology

The sneaker started out as an offshoot of an unlikely product: the bicycle tire. Manufacturers eventually realized the importance of firm grip to foot traction, incorporating the rubber sole to beach footwear. The first pairs rolled out in England in the early 19th century, earning the nickname of plimsolls and gathering a small following. Sports companies like Spalding eventually caught wind of the idea of creating shoes for athletic events, at the turn of the 20th century and with the renewed interest in recreational sports. The first Olympic Games of the century probably spiked market interest and introduced the sneaker as the footwear of choice for athletes.

Ergonomic Design

When the First World War came to a sobering conclusion, the public found recreational sports and community activities a noble cause and diversion. These increased the demand for footwear which serves the purpose, and brands like Keds and Converse stepped up to meet the need. This period saw the exponential growth of the sneaker industry, overlapping the sectors of media, business, and the arts like never before. Manufacturers saw the need to incorporate technology and ergonomics into the design, leading to shoes built for better traction, comfort and fit. Ventilation slits were introduced to the design to maintain comfort during intense physical activity, and soles were treaded and padded in a variety of ways to maximize functionality.

Introduction to Popular Culture

Up to this point, sneakers were merely considered as the footwear for athletes, up until the 1950’s when the American educational system permitted relaxed dress codes for students. Boys and men were the first to see the potential use of sneakers as casual footwear, and the resulting popularity prompted the leather shoe companies’ reaction. The latter claimed sneakers don’t complement the form of developing feet, but sneaker companies maintained that the designs ensured freedom from the constricted fits of leather shoes and hard soles.

Custom Footwear for a Variety of Activities

The growing market was eventually met with the introduction of imported brands, with new designs coming in as early as the 1960’s. Pop culture contributed to the popularity of the sneaker, especially in the next decade when jogging became the preferred activity for many pedestrians. Walking and running on asphalt and concrete strain ankles and feet, and newer, more appropriate designs were called for. This led to the customization of active footwear to complement specific sports, and the rest, as they say, is history. You can check online and survey a variety of shoes built for comfort and function. Active footwear engineering isn’t exactly rocket science, but the technology certainly comes close to it.

Summer Shoes: The Best Of The Best

I am a firm believer in starting your shoe wardrobe with some amazing stilettos. I know they are uncomfortable, but they do wonders for your legs. Not only will you get an amazing calf workout you will also have legs for days. On those hot nights there is nothing more sexy then great calves and incredible shoes. You can wear stilettos with a pencil skirt, a dark denim skinny pant or even that little black dress you have been dying to break out of the closet.

These shoes will rock your world!

How do you go wrong with a sky-high red peep toe? Shoes don?t get much more ladylike and sexy than this gorgeous style. Try an ombre patent leather peep toe stiletto. This shoe is both fashionable and functional and will be a go-to for years to come. When wearing the peep toe shoe let it be your main accessory. This shoe will draw a lot of attention and should be the focus.

Next on the must-have list are ballet flats. Think flat, sexy and bright colors! These colors will bring your wardrobe to a new high. On top of that they will be comfortable for those lazy summer afternoons! This seasons orange ballet flat is perfect to pair with a cobalt blue dress. It will be a classic look with a modern flair.

Lastly, here are two rules to live by. 1. Wear one trend at a time. Mixing to many of them makes it look like you are trying too hard. 2. It is summer get outside and enjoy the weather.

Looking to Buy Sports Footwear Online?

A right pair of sport shoes is important to deliver your best performance in your favorite sports or exercise sessions. Although you’re not engaged in any physical activity, an easy jog or running exercise is usually practiced by everybody because it is the simplest of all to remain in shape, therefore right footwear could be a must-have to make your exercise sessions pleasing. Earlier, selecting the proper pair was quite straightforward as there were not several variations. But today, you’ll be able to choose them looking on several factors like complete, comfort, style, sort of sports you’re active, worth vary, durability, etc. Most footwear makers have start with varied shoe styles looking on your exercise. Now, it’s your task to settle on the proper combine for yourself. Let American state assist you by telling a bit regarding these shoes briefly.

But, the matter of fact is that sports and shoes go hand in hand. A shoe that does not have a snug and comfortable fit, are sure to hurt you badly. So, sports footwear need to be thoroughly comfy, smart, should have ideal heel and good arch support. They should be technologically advanced in terms of soles and uppers, and should surely increase the chances of win. umerous brands stand out in our minds when we think of sports shoes. However, Reebok shoes and Nike shoes are two such successful brands that are consistently helping millions of people across the globe to achieve their goals. Completely focused on sportswear, both these brands strive hard to meet all of your foot requirements.

Latest designs, gorgeous colors and thoroughly comfortable, is what Nike and Reebok sports footwear range is all about. Offering sports footwear for both men and women, they provide optimal support during running, training, and lifting weights, but they also add that attraction and style and will surely boost up your confidence.

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