You Can Buy Bordello Shoes with Best Prices!

Bordello shoes are a brand just introduced under the umbrella of the Pleaser USA family of shoe brands and is filling a much needed niche in the shoe market. Bordello shoes profile on the Pleaser USA site states as their mission statement: “Intrigue. Desire. Passion. With its splashy, over-the-top designs, BORDELLO is a seductively exciting and titillating brand of footwear that celebrates being a woman. Created especially for burlesque performers who have shimmied the art of tease back into the spotlight, BORDELLO also whets the appetites of those longing to replicate or simply be reminded of old time glamour and lavishness.

With its ornate detailing and dazzling accoutrements including an array of sparkly glitters, glistening rhinestones, and luscious laces, BORDELLO shoes and boots are the perfect complement to the wildly extravagant colorful costumes, theatrical themes, and dramatic lighting that define all burlesque performances globally.” Bordello shoes are geared towards all sorts of people, including Burlesque dancer, drag queens, exotic dancers, the pin up community and any high heel shoe lover. is propped to have just announced that they just added the entire Bordello shoes catalog to their online shoe store and are pleased to team up with Pleaser once again. The signature line in the Bordello shoe collection is the famous TEEZE collection which features a six inch stiletto heel, hidden platform and all different kinds of prints like leopard, rhinestone, plaid, pinstripe just to name a few.

Kat Von D the world famous celebrity tattoo artist with her own television series is probably the biggest Bordello fan there is an even sells them in her retail store. These styles look and feel as if they are designer shoes that would retail for $500 but surprisingly most styles retail between $50 to $100 so they are affordable for every shoe lover. Then there are the boxes they come in. Each pair of Bordello Shoes is individually wrapped in their own shoe bag and then placed into a sumptuously decorated shoe box. The boxes are works of art in themselves and are further decorated with little black bows. The pinup lifestyle community has also fallen in love with the Bordello shoe brand as well. For those not familiar with the phenomenon it is retro inspired and almost takes you back to the days of I love Lucy or sometime during that decade. Long story short is that Bordello will be around for years to come and everyone is very excited to see what they have in store.

Studs On Soles Now On Top

The range of shoes and boots available to men, women and children today are vast particularly for those of us who can remember the nineteen sixties when a visit to a shoe shop was about as boring as it could get.

This was particularly the case for men. Remember, this was before the advent of trainers and when you think that there are shops today that are exclusively retailers of hundreds of different types of trainers then you get the idea.

Instead of trainers there used to be one make of plimsolls destined exclusively for children and the gym as well as adults and squash or tennis. They were not fashion items to be seen about the street.

In the very early sixties there was little else for men to choose between the relentless rows of black lace-up office style shoes and the only excitement came about when the new summer sandal range came in; the type of sandal to be worn with socks in all hot climates which singled out the English from Johnny foreigner with his fancy canvas slip-ons.

At the back of that early sixties shop were shoes for the subversive teddy-boys and these were known as winkle pickers. Strictly for anti-social spivs they were the equivalent of the top shelf men’s magazines and mothers would steer their children away with a look of disgust.

Sometime in the middle of the sixties the elasticated shoe arrived without conventional laces and along with something called a desert boot things were looking up for the adventurous risk taking man.

In hardware stores about the country there was another type of footwear for men and this was the working mans hobnailed boot. This boot had been around for millennia and could be heard in coal villages crunching up and down the cobbled streets at beginning and end of pit shifts.

Meanwhile, women had a better deal but nothing like as adventurous as today. Women’s shoes are so diverse in shape, colour and design that it is little wonder many become obsessional about their collection and spend more than they can really afford on all the latest fashions.

One of the latest stylish attractions is studded boots where unlike the hobnail the studs are not for practical but more for design effect.

We have seen studs on jeans and on jackets, we have seen studs adorning hats and shirts and now there are these studded boots.

They look great with anything from designer jeans to designer miniskirts and are proving very popular amongst all age groups from teens to mums.

One of the best things about modern shoes and boots compared with those of decades ago is that they do not require the amount of care since the leather is better treated when turned into shoe.

Shoes And Boots: Stay In Step With This Winter’s Most Fashionable Styles

When it comes to winter shoes and boots, women have a lot of options. High leg boots, ankle boots, shoe boots, smart and casual pumps, and shoes for dressing up are just some of the designs they can pick from. But with leather loafers and smart brogues as well as high-top canvases, men also have a wide range to browse through. Here are some tips to help you stay in step with current trends this winter.

Extremely fashionable this season are high boots for women. This can include thigh high boots, over the knee boots and over the ankle boots, and they can be flat or have high heels. Over the knee boots help you stay warm, and can be used in lots of ways; they can be worn with jeans tucked in or with dresses for more glamour. Shoe boots, from brogues to open toed, are a good option for if you want to be more unique.

For more dressy shoes which are comfortably flat, the low-heeled slip on pump is even more fashionable this winter than the sandal. An essential to every woman’s shoe collection, pumps can be worn to work events, formal lunches and soirees. They also come in a wide variety of shades and patterns, from classic black to polka-dotted to a purple shiny, allowing a girl to be creative at the same time as she stays comfy.

For those who go to lots of chic dinners, or just like to make an impact, you will need at least one or two pairs of high heels. Leather and suede stilettos never fail to impress, whether worn with trousers or skirts. They can help you look taller and sleeker, and with so many designs at the moment you can be as rock-chick or as understated as you like. For some catwalk glam, buy some buckled sling-back shoes.

Finally, most women will want to wear casual shoes a great deal of the time. Casual pumps made from denim, or more fun styled pumps such as those with floral prints and stripes can really add some liveliness to an outfit. After all, casual doesn’t have to mean dull, uninspired and out of fashion; you can be as quirky as you want.

As for men, what’s really fashionable this winter is the smart shoe. Even if it isn’t necessary to wear suits to work, there will be plenty of times when men need a shoe with a refined and polished design. The classic dress shoe for men is the crushed leather lace-up or the crinkled texture loafer but the old style brogue always make a strong impression. For a smart but really snug shoe, try the ankle top riding boot.

For wearing with jeans or khakis, casual mens’ shoes range from refined to rugged. On occasions when men need to look good but not overdone, a casual shoe is essential. Leather and slouchy high top plimsolls can serve the purpose. Boat shoes and bowling style shoes are also useful, and the latter will also help you stand out from the crowd.

For men and women to keep up with the latest trends, it’s often good to be aware of where to access the most stylish brands and designs and get tips about how to find the shoe that combines the best style for you with comfort.

Guide to Buying Running Shoes

The importance of buying the right pair of atheletic shoes or athletic shoes is to prevent certain injuries like blisters, muscle strain, shin splints, tendonitis, and more. The goal is to have the most suitable pair of shoes to give the runner best performance, comfort, and ease. While it is easy to buy just any pair of shoes you fancy in stores, it wouldn’t promise ideal suitability for your running profile. Making sure you buy the right pair of shoes will require you to follow these steps before buying.

Step 1: Get Assistance from Sales Experts

Head out to a reputable athletic shoes manufacturer like Nike, Asics, Adidas, Reebok, etc. Even reputable retailers can help you determine the right pair and provide you varied choices and brands to choose from. A good store will have sales experts who know a lot about running shoes and styles of various consumers. Get assistance and be informed about modern athletic shoes.

Step 2: A Running Analysis

Most running shoes stores have a designated area where you can find a treadmill where interested consumers go through an analysis. In this area, a sales expert will facilitate the analysis and determine your foot’s arch or whether you’re an overpronator (foot rolls or rotates inward) or not.

Step 3: Determine Your Running Profile

The sales expert will also ask a few questions on your running profile. How often do you run and whether you run on asphalt, treadmill, or trails? They will also ask if you are training for any sports and using the shoes for training. This will help them narrow down recommended types of shoes based on your running style and profile.

Step 4: Get Recommendations

Of course, these sales experts are there to recommend the right pair of shoes for you. If you’re shopping in retailer shop, you can request for a specific brand if you prefer one. Most well-recognized shoe brands cater to various consumers and different profiles.

Step 5: Buy the Most Suitable Pair

Before buying a particular pair of shoes, try them out and see if they feel right in terms of comfort, ease, and cushioning. Try to test them on a treadmill or walk around the store to get a good idea of how they fit and feel. If everything feels great, you can pick the particular color and design you like. You would still want something unique and displays your personal taste and character.

Tips to Remember

For running shoes, it is highly recommended that you pick a ?? or one size bigger pair of shoes. This is ideal if you want to prevent getting blisters when running because your foot is rubbing too close together with the inner material of your shoe. Also, consider the type of socks you will be wearing. The added material will occupy space in your shoes, making it tighter than without socks. If you can try out a pair of shoes with the socks you use for actual exercise, then that will help you get the right fit when buying.

The foot swells after running or in the afternoon ’til evening due to regular walking or moving around. To get the best fit, shop at a later time of the day or after activities.