These (high Quality) Cowboy Boots Were Made For Walkin?

Cowboy boots made with high quality workmanship can last for years to come, so choosing a well-made pair is definitely worth the extra research and shopping. But if you?re not sure what to look for, you may find yourself confused and purchasing the first pair that catches your eye. So before you head to your local western wear store or western apparel online shopping resource, here are some tips to get started finding the perfect pair of cowboy boots:

Make sure the appearance of the boots is tidy and clean, checking to make sure there aren?t loose strings dangling or smudges of dried glue. The leather on the cowboy boots should be consistent in color and smooth with no scratches or pock marks. The seams of your cowboy boots should be lined up with even stitching. This is particularly important on the inside of your boot; if the seams on the inside of the boots are uneven they may irritate your legs. The inlay and outside edges of the cowboy boots should be securely glued into place, as well as a smooth finish around the edges of the sole and heel.

The structure of cowboy boots is the most important factor in determining the quality and durability of the boots. This will insure your boots look their best and hold up over time. The boots should stand on their own without any support. The shank of the boot should be constructed of steel both throughout the arch and held in place by wooden pegs. Both boots in the pair should look the same with a rounded or pointed toe free of lumps, and the shape of the toe and height of the heel should be even.

A custom pair of cowboy boots can be tailored to perfectly fit your foot, but boots purchased from a western apparel store that are well-made and high quality will eventually mold to your foot and will become even more comfortable as time passes and the leather softens and conforms to your foot’s unique shape. Once you?ve learned how to spot a pair of boots that?s been finely crafted, you can find a pair of boots in the color and style you prefer. Western wear companies supply a wide variety of cowboy boots in a variety of colors with different color leather inlays and stitching options. Choose high quality cowboy boots that suit you best and you?ll have the pleasure of enjoying them for years to come. You may need to use a boot hook to help put on your cowboy boots until your boots are broken in and the arch softens. When it’s time to remove your boots, a boot jack can help make the process easier, but care should be taken not to damage your boots.